Frequently Asked Questions: 10% PVP in FertiCultTM Flushing medium

FAQ1: Why 10% PVP and not 7% PVP?

Not the percentage of PVP is important, but the viscosity of the medium. There are different types of PVP, which all result in different amounts/percentages needed to obtain the optimal viscosity. If you prefer a less viscous PVP solution, the following procedure can be followed:

  • Place small drops (e.g. 5-10 µl) FertiCultTM Flushing medium in a dish and cover with FertiCultTM Mineral Oil.
  • Replace drop(s) with the PVP solution.
  • Based on the characteristics of the sperm, you can decide to only partly replace the drop of FertiCultTM Flushing medium with PVP solution so that a less viscous medium drop is obtained.