GAIN medium

Single-step culture medium

GAIN medium is a bicarbonate buffered medium optimized to provide an excellent in vitro environment for human gametes and embryos. GAIN medium can be used for sperm preparation, oocyte incubation and fertilization. It is a single-step medium designed for continuous embryo culture from day 1 to expanded blastocyst stage. The medium can also be used for embryo transfer. Oocyte and embryo culture should be performed in a CO2 incubator.

The medium contains 0.35% human serum albumin (EMA, Ph Eur, USP, FDA approved), gentamicin and low concentrations of phenol red (pH indicator). Information about the composition of the product can be found in the material safety data sheet.


Europe: CE-marked – Brazil: registered

Product order codes

GAIN010 : GAIN medium – 1x 10mL
GAIN020 : GAIN medium – 5x 20mL

pH 37°C – 5% CO2 7.20-7.45
Osmolality 270-290mOsm/kg
Sterility Sterile
Endotoxine < 0.25 EU/mL
Mouse embryo test ≥ 80% blastocysts after 96h incubation
Shelf life 12 months from date of produce
Albumin FDA (USA) and EMA (Europe) compliant

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GAIN medium is a single-step cell culture medium that can be used up to blastocyst stage

Instructions For Use
Material Safety Data Sheet