Spermac Stain

Sperm morphology stain

Sperm morphology analysis is one of the basic semen examinations performed in the diagnosis and management of male infertility. Spermac Stain is an in vitro diagnostic staining kit consisting of a fixative and 3 staining solutions for human spermatozoa. Staining facilitates distinction between morphologically normal and abnormal spermatozoa, and enhances visualization of different parts of the sperm cell (head, acrosome, equatorial region, midpiece, tail).

Spermac Stain is a qualitative, non-automated, diagnostic kit for professional use for the staining of human spermatozoa. The purpose of staining spermatozoa is to facilitate differentiation between morphologically normal and abnormal spermatozoa. The stained smears are assessed under direct bright light and oil immersion (1000x).

Information about the composition of the product can be found in the material safety data sheet.


Europe: CE-marked (IVDR) – USA: registered – Canada: registered
Brazil: registered – Australia: registered

Product order codes
SPS050 : Spermac Stain – 4 x 50mL
SPS250 : Spermac Stain – 4 x 250mL

Interpretation of the results

Images by Prof. Philip Chan (Loma Linda Univ. Gyn/Ob-IVF, USA)

Spermac Stain is a simple method for the detailed investigation of morphology of all parts of the spermatozoa

Instructions For Use
Material Safety Data Sheet