EpiScreen Plus

Neutral Alpha-Glucosidase determination

EpiScreen Plus™ can be used to determine the neutral alpha-glucosidase activity in semen (plasma), an enzyme which is mainly secreted by the epididymis. The activity of this enzyme is a reliable marker for epididymis function in patients with (very) low sperm concentration or azoospermic patients, having a normal androgen blood level:

  • very low activity indicates a bilateral obstruction between the epididymis and the ejaculatory duct.
  • low activity may reflect partial obstruction of the epididymis.
  • normal enzyme activity is expected when there is an obstruction above the area in which the enzyme is secreted or in cases of non-obstructive azoospermia (testicular disfunction).

EpiScreen Plus™ is a semi-quantitative, non-automated, photometric and diagnostic kit for detecting neutral alpha-glucosidase in human semen or seminal plasma and may be useful for the diagnosis and the management of male infertility.

EpiScreen Plus has a 24 month shelf life from production date. Information about the composition of the product can be found in the material safety data sheet.


Europe: CE-marked (IVDR, Notified Body number 2797) – Australia: registered – Other regions: available upon request

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EPI_PLUS : EpiScreen Plus kit

In patients with azoospermia and normal androgen levels in peripheral blood, NAG activity in semen plasma is a reliable marker of the epididymal contribution to the ejaculate

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