Quality is a philosophy

In order to be able to live up to our and your quality standards, we have literally designed our company from the ground up around one goal: providing the best possible quality every time, all the time.

This is reflected in everything that we do:

  • the concept, design and implementation of the production sites in Beernem
  • the people we employ
  • training, validation and evaluation of our staff
  • maintenance of our production facilities
  • calibration and validation of the production and testing methods
  • selection and storage of raw materials used in production
  • packaging materials and methods
  • in-production and end product testing
  • labeling and technical information
  • traceability of raw materials, intermediate and finished products
  • storage and handling
  • shipping and delivery
  • pricing policy

Raw materials

FertiPro selects the best possible quality available of all used raw materials.

We use sterile, low endotoxin (< 0.03 EU/mL), highly purified water (as described in the European Pharmacopoeia). Packaging

Primary and secondary packaging of our products is selected based on the highest quality.

  • Type 1 glass containers for pharmaceutical use in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopoeia
  • Stoppers to close the bottle. Very low gas permeability for stable pH.  The formulation of the stoppers meet the requirements for Type 1  closures in accordance with the European Pharmacopoea and United States Pharmacopoeia.
  • PETG square bottles with HDPE closures are specifically designed for packaging and shipping liquid media, buffers and sera. The bottles and closures meet the current biological and pharmaceutical regulatory standards and are thoroughly tested.