FertiPro quality policy

In compliance with various ISO standards, FertiPro adheres to a strict quality policy that permeates through every aspect of the company. From selecting and purchasing raw materials and packaging materials to human resources, customer services, the design and maintenance of our infrastructure and every other aspect of our company.

  • To continually improve the quality management system based on internal assessments, recommendation and feedback from customers
  • To strictly abide to the ISO13485 quality standard as well as other relevant directives and legislation including the Canadian MDR, FDA and ANVISA requirements
  • To commit to the implementation of the EU MDR and EU IVDR within the defined timeline
  • To provide the best quality product
  • To support each customer to the best of our ability in their selection and use of the right FertiPro product
  • For each customer complaint, provide an appropriate solution
  • To only manufacture products that comply with the highest quality requirements and the current state-of-the-art in our field of practice
  • Contribute and actively cooperate to create an overall healthy team spirit which is key for a good functioning company

Our quality policy permeates through every aspect of the company and the standard we operate by