SpermFreeze Box

FertiPro SpermFreeze Box
  • Freezing Box to standardize your sperm freezing procedure

  • Standardized height above liquid nitrogen level of your sperm freezing straw thanks to the SpermFreeze Floater

  • Robust Freezing Box with a thick wall to work safe with liquid nitrogen

  • Manufactured from EPP (Expanded Poly Propylene)


  1. Fill the box with 1-2 liter of liquid nitrogen

  2. Place your sealed straws (maximum 15) on the floater

  3. Deposit the floater on the liquid nitrogen

  4. Close the box by placing the lid loosely on the box

  5. Leave for (at least) 15 minutes

  6. Plunge the straws in the liquid nitrogen

  7. Store them in your nitrogen storage container for long term preservation

Product order code

SPF_BOX    342 x 264 x 188mm – SpermFreeze Box

Instruction for use

Regulatory information

Europe    CE marked (class I)