LeucoScreen Plus

Kit for the determination of peroxidase-positive white blood cells

Most human ejaculates contain leucocytes and the predominant form of leucocytes in human semen are peroxidase-positive granulocytes. Excessive presence of these cells (leucocytospermia) may indicate the existence of reproductive tract infection. Leucocytospermia may also be associated with defects in the semen profile (reduction in sperm motility and DNA integrity, raise of sperm viscosity as well as loss of sperm function as a result of oxidative stress, and/or secretion of cytotoxic cytokines by these white blood cells). Although leucocytospermia is not an absolute indication of infertility, this condition is observed on average in 10 to 20% of all infertile men.

When the threshold of one million peroxidase positive white blodd cells per ml ejaculate is exceeded, microbiologic tests should be performed to investigate if there is an accessory gland infection. Assessment of accessory gland markers can provide additional useful information about the proper functioning of the epididymis (EpiScreen Plus, FertiPro NV), seminal vesicles (Fructose Test, FertiPro NV) or prostate. Importantly, the absence of leucocytes does not exclude the possibility of an accessory gland infection.

LeucoScreen Plus is a semi-quantitative, non-automated, histochemical and diagnostic kit for the determination of peroxidase-positive white blood cells in human semen.
The number of tests that can be performed with the LeucoScreen Plus kit is not specified, instead, the kit has been designed for 40 days of analysis during the lifetime of the kit (20 work solutions can be made, which are stable for 2 consecutive days).

LeucoScreen Plus has a 12 month shelf life from date of produce. Information about the composition of the product can be found in the material safety data sheet.


Europe: CE-marked (IVDR, Notified Body number 2797)
USA: registered – Brazil: registered – Canada: registered – Australia: registered

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LEUCO_PLUS : LeucoScreen Plus kit

LeucoScreen Plus is a histochemical staining kit for the determination of peroxidase-positive white blood cells in semen

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