Frequently Asked Questions: LeucoScreen Plus

FAQ1: How is the concentration of round cells calculated?
Count the number of round cells whilst determining the sperm concentration in a routine semen analysis. If the concentration of round cells exceeds 1×106 cells/ml, additional testing with LeucoScreen Plus is recommended.

FAQ2: What are the advantages of the LeucoScreen Plus kit compared to the LeucoScreen kit?
The LeucoScreen Plus kit is equally suitable to distinguish between peroxidase-positive and peroxidase-negative round cells, but has the major advantage of not containing a carcinogenic substrate when compared with the LeucoScreen kit.

FAQ3: For how many tests can the kit be used?
There is enough reagent to create the work solution 20 times. The work solution is stable for 2 days, so the kit contains reagents for 40 days of testing.

FAQ4: How to evaluate peroxidase-positive versus -negative round cells?
A demonstration video is available on the LeucoScreen Plus product page. A training is available upon request.