Frequently Asked Questions: Fructose Test

FAQ1: Can the Fructose test be performed on frozen/thawed semen plasma samples?
Yes it can. It is best to centrifuge the semen sample before freezing the semen plasma at -18°C or below.

FAQ2: Is measurement at alternative wavelengths possible?
It is recommended to measure at 405nm, no data on other wavelengths is available. If an alternative wavelength is applied, investigate the efficiency before implementing it.

FAQ3: Is there a template for the calculations available?
Yes, it can be downloaded from our website in the product page. Alternatively, an Excel-sheet template can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

FAQ4: Calculation of g-forces
The g-force of your centrifuge can be calculated using this formula:
g = 1.118 x r x rpm² or rpm = Square root {g / (1.118 x r)}
r = radius of centrifuge in mm; rpm = rotations per minute / 1000
r = 100 mm rpm = 3000 rotations per minute
g = 1.118 x 100 x 9 = 1006g
r = 100 mm g = 1200g
rpm = SQR {1200 / (1.118 x 100)} = 3.28
= 3280 rotations per minute

Measuring range of the Fructose Test is defined as 0.5-5 mg/ml. If higher concentrations are determined it is advised to repeat the test with diluted sample in FertiCult Flushing medium (FertiPro NV).