HOS Test

Sperm vitality test

The hypo-osmotic swelling test (HOS Test) is an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) for professional use to evaluate the vitality of the spermatozoa in a semen sample. In contrast to dead spermatozoa, living cells have intact cell membranes which allow regulated water transport in hypo-osmotic conditions which will result in swelling or curling of the sperm tail upon incubation in HOST medium.

The HOS Test is a semi-quantitative, non-automated diagnostic test to evaluate the vitality (membrane function) of spermatozoa in a semen sample. The HOS Test may help in assessing the diagnosis and management of male infertility.  The HOS Test should not be used for the selection of sperm in ART procedures such as intra-cytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI).

The HOS Test has a shelf life of 12 months from production date. Information about the composition of the product can be found in the material safety data sheet.


Europe: CE-marked (IVDR, Notified Body number 2797)
Canada: Health Canada License – USA: registered
Brazil: registered – Australia: registered
Other regions: information available upon request

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HOST : Hypo-osmotic Swelling test – 5x 20mL

The HOS Test is a microscopic, diagnostic test to facilitate the estimation of sperm vitality

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Material Safety Data Sheet