Frequently Asked Questions: GAINTM medium

FAQ1: Should the whole bottle be prewarmed at 37°C?

No, prepare dishes one day beforehand and place these in the CO2 incubator at 37°C. The bottle with remaining medium should be stored at 2-8°C as soon as possible.

We have performed in-use testing on GAINTM medium which supports the use of the media up to 7 days, taking into consideration that the bottle was opened under sterile conditions and the product was stored at 2-8°C after opening. In addition and as indicated in the IFU it is advised to:

  • keep the product in its original container until the day of use and
  • depending on the number of procedures that will be performed on one day, remove the required volume of medium under aseptic conditions in an appropriate sterile recipient. Only pre-warm sterile recipient. This is in order to avoid multiple opening/warming cycles of the medium. Discard excess (unused) media.


FAQ2: Does altitude have an influence on the required CO2 settings?

Different factors like the CO2 concentration in the incubator and atmospheric pressure (which decreases at higher altitudes) have an effect on the pH after equilibration in the incubator.
Therefore, we strongly advise to measure the pH under culture conditions with 5% CO2 in the incubator and finetune the incubator settings to obtain an optimal pH of 7.28.