Frequently Asked Questions: FertiCult IVF medium

FAQ1: Do I have to add my own antibiotics to FertiCult IVF Medium ?
We have product available both with and without added antibiotics (gentamicin). If you prefer to add your own antibiotics we suggest to add 10mg of gentamicin per liter of medium.

FAQ2: Should I pre-incubate FertiCult IVF medium before use ?
Yes, you definitely should. FertiCult IVF medium has to be pre-incubated in a CO2 incubator with 6% CO2 for at least 4 hours, but ideally, prepare dishes with oil overlay the day before and incubate overnight at 6% CO2 to saturate the oil and obtain optimal pH for oocyte washing/holding.

FAQ3: For how many days culture can we use FertiCult IVF medium ?
It is designed for short term culture only (until 2PN). Afterwards, the zygote can be placed in GAIN medium or other culture medium with similar osmolality and pH.

FAQ4: How long can I use FertiCult IVF medium after opening the bottle?
2 factors limit the shelf life of a product after opening the bottle:

  • Gass exchange: influences the pH
  • Contamination with viable organisms

We have performed open bottle tests on our media for up to 7 days and found that the product parameters stayed within the specifications in this time period, taking into consideration that the bottle was opened under sterile conditions and the product was stored at 2-8°C after opening.

FAQ5: Is gentamicin safe?
Yes, gentamicin is the most stable and convenient antibiotic used in cell culture media for ART.