Count down…. we are attending ESHRE at the MiCo Convention Centre of Milan!

Our team will consist of 4 members of the management supported by 3 persons with scientific, product-specific and/or regulatory background.

We are happy to meet you again after 2 long years and are looking forward to welcome you at our renewed booth, which will be located on H19.


We hope to see you there between July 3 and 6th!

For practical details about ESHRE, please contact


High Viscosity Oil (coming soon)

Experience the comfort of using FertiCult High Viscosity Oil with significant higher viscosity compared to FertiCult Mineral Oil!

  • Make it simple. Preparing and handling dishes will never have been that easy!
  • Feel more relaxed. Sometimes, manipulations outside the incubator need more time. The viscous oil layer guarantees a perfectly stable pH for at least 30 minutes!

FertiCult Mineral Oil and FertiCult High Viscosity oil are produced and tested according to the highest quality standards and CE marked according to the EU-MDR.

Product order codes

HVOIL050  1 x 50ml  FertiCult™ High Viscosity Oil  (glass bottle)
HVOIL100  1 x 100ml  FertiCult™ High Viscosity Oil  (glass bottle)
HVOIL500  1 x 500ml  FertiCult™ High Viscosity Oil  (glass bottle)

CE marked in conformity with the new European MDR

We are very pleased to announce that the following products are CE marked in conformity with the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR, 2017/745).

  • Sil-Select StockTM
  • Sil-Select PlusTM
  • GAINTM medium
CE marking according to the MDR does result in the following changes:
  • Use of 3-layered labels (more information)
  • New version of instruction for use
  • Specific changes for Sil-Select StockTM and Sil-Select PlusTM:
    • Sperm survival test (SST) is replaced by a human sperm survival assay (HSSA). This means no change in test method, but only a minor difference in calculation of results.
    • Viscosity is omitted as specification
  • Specific changes for GAINTM medium
    • Additional product specification: human sperm survival assay (HSSA) (% motility compared with control after 24 hours exposure to test medium): ≥80%
    • Intended use does no longer include swim-up or density gradient preparation

We are also very pleased to announce that the following products are CE marked in conformity with the new European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation (IVDR, 2017/746) as Class A devices:

  • VitalScreen
  • Spermac Stain

CE marking according to the IVDR does result in a new version of the instructions for use and labels for both devices. No other specific changes have been made.

If additional information is required or additional registration actions in your jurisdiction(s) are required, please send your question to