Citric Acid Test


Test for the determination of citric acid in seminal plasma

Citric acid is secreted by the prostate and contributes to the acidic pH of prostatic fluid.

Deficient secretion of citric acid occurs in case of infection of the prostate (prostatitis) which is usually accompanied by infection of the other accessory sex glands (epididymo-vesiculitis).
The total output of citric acid per ejaculate was found to be the best marker of prostate function.

It is recommended to measure citric acid concentration in all semen samples, particularly if history taking, clinical investigation, or an increased number of white blood cells in urine or semen suggest male accessory gland infection.

Citric Acid test has a 12 month shelf life from production date. Information about the composition of the product can be found in the material safety data sheet.


Europe: CE-marked – Australia: registered

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CITRIC : Citric Acid Test – 96 tests

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The total output of citric acid per ejaculate was found to be the best marker of prostate function

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