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Frequently asked questions for: FertiCult™ G3 medium

FAQ1: Do I have to add my own antibiotics to the FertiCult G3 Medium ?
Yes you do, FertiCult G3 medium is not available with added antibiotics.
We suggest to add 100 IU of penicillin per milliliter of medium of 10mg of gentamicin per liter of medium.

FAQ2: Should I preincubate FertiCult G3 medium ?
Yes, you definitely should. Preincubate overnight at 37°C in a 5% CO2 incubator.

FAQ3: Can we use FertiCult G3 medium for day 4 or 5 culture ?
Yes, you can. FertiCult G3 medium can be used without further additives using our standard instructions.


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